Playing a short music tune with PIC10F200 microcontroller

I will be using a piezo buzzer which I bought from Cytron Technologies. There are 2 types of buzzer, piezo and electromagnetic. Among the 2 types, they can be further split into another 2 categories : transducer or indicator. To play a chime or tune, you will need a piezo transducer buzzer or electromagnetic transducer buzzer.

If you are are using a electromagnetic buzzer, most probably you will need a transistor. For more info on buzzers, visit this site.

I learned this project through CircuitBread web tutorials. Wonderful site to learn electronics. 👍👍

The 1st tune is Fur Elise and the 2nd one is a common funny tune.

Below is the circuit diagram:

Due to limited memory for the PIC10F200, the Fur Elise tune is very short.

Play a short tune (Fur Elise) using PIC10F200 microcontroller

The Assembly code:

The video for the 2nd tune ↓

PIC10F200 playing a funny tune

The code :